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The older I get, the more filled with regret, the less I respect, this society we neglect. So as a sign of repsect to some veiws derelect. I leave you these tomes, for you to scorn or accept.


If you hang to the left
Can’t settle down to rest
Because our world is bereft
Of a future……..

Join our club!


Note To Self

I have always been
A bad lad
Starting fights,
Getting mad.

I would turn to fists
Out of frustration
At our families
Dire situation

Raised by mum
She was a quiet the Saint
Looked after us
She was fucking great

So why have I
Become this man
Destructive choices
A driving ban?

I don’t even
have the excuse

That many of us here do

It’s dad’s fault
I am fucked
And it’s all because
of you!


It’s not that I had
A bad dad
He went through life
Eyes always sad

Leave for work
Each day
Brows of filled
With scorn
Not a glance to
Me or mum

He would
Sell his soul
To make a buck
He could sell feathers
To a duck

He would forgo
All life’s pleasure
He often tried to reuse rizlas

All of this so we could eat
Educated, working
Out from his feet

But then……….

Increased fuel prices
Increase at the shops
His growing family needs
It never stops
His monthly bonus
Fails right off

Credit cards
Till they dry up

This is all too much
For dear old pops
He is squeezed and squeezed
Till all his juice has dropped

Then finally……

He gets a fleeting moment

All alone

We find him hanging

A heartfelt note

But wasn’t just my dad
hanging there

A rope
In his garage
No one there
A chair
The last rock
In his despair

One kick
One thrust
No longer there….

But dads…….

There are thousands of us
Dealing with the same despair 
Please talk
before you go there

You have to know
we love you still
It was those greedy bastards
That made you ill

We have only one life
the only one
we have the right to kill

Please, Dads!….

This must get to you in time
You have to overlook
my childishness rhymes
In reading this, I cry
can’t keep in time

But please know
You are the only
and still mine

Children really really
Need a dad
Not the current TickToc fad
Or the latest fucking phone

Just hug
Send Someone they can call

So when your thinking all is lost

All alone
Tying knots

Remember it’s not
about you

It’s those little fuckers that need you too

So whatever life can throw at you

You have a duty to see it through

I really
Hope you do!!

Just Call me 🤙

Men Are Shite

In this country
Before breeding
Do think bout
Whom your seeding

Does this woman
have a stable home
Or was she often
Left alone

Because if the latter
Does ring true

She may not share
Her kids, with you

No longer want
To be a wife
Make accusations
Destroy your life

She may choose
To turn
And turn
And turn
The knife

On you and your family
Just telling lies

Words like.
Paedophile, Alcoholic

Should bear no weight
Without truth
upon it

But in a court
when you’re a man
It all plays a part
In her cruel plan

To ruin you
take your shit
For the thrill of it

In this land
She will win
Our legal system,
Is broken

Its, not the fault
Of your wife..

Or mine…

The fault is with me…..

The fault is….
MAN kind!!!

Why is this?
I hear you lads cry

It’s all you dad’s
who waved goodbye

It’s all the father’s
that didn’t care

Left your kids waiting
Bags packed
On the stairs

Just grateful
To be at the pub
Friends, beer,
Lots of grub

In the arms
Of some young hussy
Gamble, drink or fight
You pussy

Cuz there is a child
Who needs a dad
Not a fighter or a lad

When you’re out late
On sniff with Hoes
I hope you impress
all your bros

Missing court dates
And visitations
Whats Child care
When it’s
The 6 nations…..

But just a few dads
Don’t care for this
I am not saying
We don’t like getting
On the piss

What I am saying is
we love our kids too
But our courts are bias

Because of you!

When a real father tries to fight
We’re destined to lose

Because men are shite.

Jesus is Just Profit

Our family don’t do Christmas
Or even boxing day

We know it’s not traditional
But we do prefer to live this way

We know celebrating on the twenty fifth
is usually the norm

Because of some old fairy tale
about when the son of God was born

Its not that we don’t believe this nonsense
and quite frankly who would

It’s because this national holiday can cause more harm than good.

The capitalist have moved in
hijacked the festive season

I am sure I don’t have to explain to you
there greedy little reason

Family debts that run sky high
An unnecessary pressure to provide

Plastic tat with no real worth,
Advertisements tell us to line a supermarkets purse

On this iceberg of a holiday
Offensive spending
dispite what most say

Is only just the pinnacle
of a culture trying to divide

Those have not
from those who decide

For many folk left all alone
3 days a prisoner in there own home

No one to pull a cracker with
Or to open the door to the fridge

Have you ever seen a turkey to feed one
Or tried unwrapping presents when you have non

Perhaps this year you feel unstable
being forced to sit round a table

With collegues recounting family pleasure
As if we all can live life this of leasure

For some of us we dont have a choice
Astrangened from kids where’s our voice

For the lonely and the depressed this can all be far to much

So please this year my Christmas wish
Is to ask you all to stop it

Beacuae dispite our best intentions
Jesus is just profit

Re: LETTER TO THE PM (Whichever twat it is this week)

Dear PM
I am writing you a letter
Not a list of our demands
To tell you about your people
Taking calls and driving vans
We keep your bins from overflowing
Forgotten human needs from going
We put the petrol in your Bentley
Today’s prices..
There’s always plenty
We heal the sick!
Keep the monsters from your door
We keep this nation moving
Fed and warm and breathing
The path, that you are choosing
Destroying lives! Communities
Homes in scores.
Quite frankly. We expected more!
Don’t you see it..We!
Not you and me.
Us people whom
Your supposed to be “protecting”
Free people who your using
Who. Won’t take it. Any more!
You convinced our old and vulnerable
That out of Europe they’d be full
Our youth came out with open eyes
Tried to tell the truth
About your lies
But how can a nation be called free
When you own the media
Control TV
Where’s the freedom of speech
That you sold to me
You steel brains….
From the elderly!!!


You have brought a nation to its knees
Your wanker friends
I hope It pleased
On yachts!
With them, is much more fun
Than a council flat
For a single mom
You tried to steel the voice
From the likes of me
But we will endure, protest in the street
You can’t tell us what is right
Or stand up to a people’s might.


Unless you would like us to revolt
Perhaps it’s time to admit your fault
I hope at night you do feel guilt
For all the sorrow and blood
You’ve dealt
Because tomorrow
When you wake up
Post champaign Googles
A coffee cup
Who was it that milked the goat
Was it your best pal on his boat?
Or was it someone just like me
Tied, poor and angry
Disillusioned, disfranchised
Smiling, behind hard cold eyes
And do we still want what’s best for you
Or should you not drink this morning’s brew?
That depends on who serves who?
Do your best and Kind regards

The people x





"I've never met a happy atheist. To approach a poem as if it is a puzzle to be understood is to miss the point. No one wants to be a source of anxiety to everybody they know. The one thing I got right was that I already looked like a punk when punk arrived."

John cooper Clarke

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